Friday, December 09, 2005

Disney p.s. - I Saw Fireworks

One thing to add to my recent post about Disneyland technology - their fireworks. Not only did they do the usual great show with synchronized sound, light, and fire; they also included a few shapes I'd never seen before. My previous "how did they do that" highwater mark was the smiley face - a circle, two eyes, and a mouth in three different colors. This time, I also saw:
  • a wireframe cube (kind of like a Necker cube, but really 3-D)
  • a globe with an equatorial ring (sort of like Saturn), plus a couple of perpendicular longitudinal rings
  • my personal favorite - a fully-outlined five-pointed star
Someone must have some great design tools, and/or some great intuition, to get all the right projectiles to burn in the right place at the right time.

(By the way - IMO, the best place to see the show is from Main Street facing the castle, preferably at the end away from the park entrance and near the statue of Walt and Mickey.)

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